An Elaborate Data Analysis Environment for High Throughput Screening

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  • Web-based service available any place, any time
  • Very fast recognition and retrieval of objects of interest
  • No manual adjustment or filters required
  • Process mutiple objects per image
  • Results in MS Excel data and in annotated images

Objects that touch each other are automatically recognized as seperate objects. Deformed objects will be recognized and specifically labelled when necessary.



For each object a large number of features can be extracted.

A few examples are: size and shape factors, texture, location of specific anatomical parts, length, etc.

Recognition of the shape can be combined with information from other channels: multiple fluorescent channels can be analyzed and features can be extracted, e.g. location, intensity, texture, etc.

The software has been successfully applied in infection, cancer, toxicological and gene expression studies.

Elaborant analysis

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